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An example of good practice – EUROTOPIA.CZ, o.p.s.

Description: Building with a total of 23 apartments, in cooperation with the residents of the community, we created a plan aimed at supporting residents and families in case of communication and relationship problems and creating a safe environment for sharing experiences and support. The aim was to reduce the isolation of families in difficult situations and to create a network of mutual support between the residents of the house.

Creation of a leadership support group: This group was tasked with creating a space for open communication about community, neighborhood, family and friendship issues and offering emotional support and space for communication and resolution of various situations. A community worker may or may not have been a facilitator during the meeting.

Regular meetings: The group of leaders held regular meetings where residents could share their experiences, feelings and possibly seek advice from others. Discussions were conducted with mutual respect and privacy in mind. Meetings took place both with and without the support of community workers.

Linking to Professional Support: A group of residents and leaders worked with local organizations providing professional help for family and relationship issues. This included the involvement of social workers, counseling, pedagogic-psychological counseling workers, legal counseling and other experts.

Outcome and evaluation: The support of the community residents led to the strengthening of relationships between the residents of the house and the creation of networking that went beyond normal neighborly relations. Community residents and families who encountered problems received support and guidance from their neighbors, leading to a reduction in stigma and isolation. They worked on improving communication, living together and increasing competences in the field of networking and solving various situations, from common to problematic ones. We evaluate this plan as very beneficial and useful for each of the residents of the community. Contributed to improving communication and cooperation. At the same time, this initiative brought greater awareness to the challenges that each family may face and provided a concrete space for sharing and making friends.

Project is funded by Norway Grants 2014-2021.

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