Jsme tady pro lidi…

Example of good practice – Elim Opava, o.p.s.

In the summer of 2021, a 20-year-old client approached our organization with a request to help her secure housing. At the time, the client lived with her partner and two-year-old daughter in the Na Cukrovaru apartment block. The housing conditions were completely unsuitable for raising a child – lack of privacy, little space, bed bugs in other apartments, etc. The client was on parental leave and the partner was taking care of a partial disability pension, so they did not have enough funds for a deposit and other fees associated with new housing. After the community worker mapped out the situation, she and the director of the organization decided to approach the J&T Foundation and submit a request for a bail contribution. Since the client met all the conditions for the grant, the application was approved. In the fall of 2021, the client, in cooperation with a community worker, began to look for suitable housing. However, this did not work out for a long time, and as the period for drawing the contribution was about to expire, the director of the organization requested an extension of the deadline. The foundation complied with this request, and so the search for a new home continued. In the spring of 2022, the client managed to find a suitable apartment, which she could move into thanks to the deposit contribution. However, during the move, the client discovered that there were bedbugs in the apartment. She immediately reported this finding to the community worker and the owner of the apartment. Initially, the owner claimed that the bed bugs got into the apartment during the move, but this was not confirmed after a detailed analysis, as it was found that the bed bugs had been in the apartment for a long time. The client managed to get the deposit back, moreover, thanks to friends, she found another apartment, so she terminated the contract with the owner and moved to a new apartment. Currently, the client lives in a 1+1 apartment, she is gradually furnishing it and is satisfied with the housing.

Wrote down: Karin Vidličková

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