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Example of the good practice “Andrea”

Andrea is a young mother with three children, lives in an excluded area of Moravsky Beroun in an unnecessarily overpriced apartment. At the beginning of the project, she was just deciding what to do next. Her parental allowance ended. Since she was a client of social services and the project was just getting started, we offered her the position of Community Worker. She enjoyed working with other mums and babies so we decided it would be great if she could work full time. Together with the social worker, they found opportunities for support through the OPZ project and retraining as a social worker was negotiated. services and a place subsidized for half a year, currently it continues from the association’s own funds.

As part of the community club, beyond the scope of the original project, it identifies needs and topics suitable or necessary for discussion (workshop on the topic of health, hygiene, leisure, educational activities, etc.), supports discussion regarding joint mass and support events. She leads an art and dance club, supports children in meaningful leisure time and participates in platforms.

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