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Example of the good practice – EUROTOPIA.CZ, o.p.s.

A man named Roman (27) lived in the Romani community. He was from a hostel and his family wasnt well off financially. Most of the people in the area were struggling with unemployment and social exclusion, and many had slipped into a spiral of poverty and crime. Roman had 3 siblings, he was the eldest and often had to babysit his siblings. His mother was unemployed but occasionally he and his father tried to earn some money. Roman had to deal with prejudice and discrimination from a young age. Since childhood, Roman said that he did not like the area where he lived and that he wanted to move as soon as possible. He had a strong will and desire for change. From a young age he was aware of the importance of education, even though he did not have very good grades, he never failed and on the contrary he always wanted to get into high school and did everything he could to get an apprenticeship. Thanks to his efforts and the support of his teachers, he got into an apprenticeship where he did well and started to take interest in matriculation. He had great admiration in his community and everyone started supporting him. After graduating from high school, Roman decided to return to his community and help other Roma who were facing similar problems as he was. He co-founded a non-profit organization that focused on supporting Romani youth in education and helping them find employment. Together with volunteers and community leaders, he organized workshops, training courses and programs to help Roma gain the necessary skills and confidence. He and his colleagues also set up a youth club where they worked on prevention.

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