Jsme tady pro lidi…

Dialogue for mutual understanding

This project is funded by Norway grants 2014-2021
Program Intermediary – Ministry of Finance

Tento projekt je financován Norskými fondy 2014-2021


Project name: Dialogue for mutual understanding
Registration number: LP-HROVA1A-005
Implementation period : 9. 8. 2021 – 30. 4. 2024

The project is primarily aimed at supporting Roma platforms, inclusion and strengthening of the position of Roma in the Czech Republic, especially in the Moravian-Silesian and Olomouc regions. To achieve this goal we aim to create platform of cooperation, implementation of educational activities aimed at gaining competencies supporting Roma integration, activities supporting community work, activities helping to create a positive image of Roma people, presentation of good practice and transfer of experience coexistence of Roma people with the majority.

The purpose of the project is to strengthen the inclusion and position of the Roma people through dialogue. The cooperation platform will ensure the participation of the Roma minority at the local level (Opava, Krnov, Moravský Beroun). The integrity of the project´s activities will contribute to the empowerment and activation of the Roma. We will also focus on strengthening the expertise of employees with this target group, strengthening community work at the local level, strengthening cooperation between the majority and the minority in public events and promoting project.

The project is based on current needs and problems of integration of the Roma minority, identified both in the field and in negotiations with stakeholders (NGOs, cities, schools, etc.). We draw on the implementation from existing experience, from the concepts of local community plans and strategies, the Strategy of Roma Integration until 2020 and others.

We see the importance of partnership with pro-Roma NGOs in mutual support, complementarity and sharing of experience between different localities. The importance of partnership with the participating cities will lie in the support of community work in the cities, participation in the platform of cooperation and pulblicity. The Silesian University in Opava will make a significant contribution by facilitating platform meetings, creating a methodological concept for the platform and lecturing.

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