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The workers went on the first organizational team building

We have completed the first organization-wide team building for regular employees across branches. On the morning of Friday, May 19, 30 employees of the organization met in the Eva Wellness pension in Dolní Moravica with the sole goal of spending a pleasant day together and getting to know each other better. The all-day team building program was provided by experienced lecturers from the Oukydouky agency. The event was full of fun, cooperation and strengthening of team spirit.

Organizational team building was aimed at strengthening communication, cooperation and motivation among the employees of our organization. Participants were introduced to various team building activities and games that promoted teamwork, creativity and problem solving. The Jeseníky mountains with their beautiful nature and picturesque surroundings provided us with the ideal backdrop for this inspiring event.

Agency Oukydouky, an experienced partner in the field of team building events, has prepared a program full of fun and challenges for the participants. The activities included team games, various competitions and activities aimed at developing communication. Some of them were also accompanied by mild adrenaline experiences. Participants also had the opportunity to make new friendships, strengthen relationships and develop skills necessary for success in the workplace.

The organization-wide team building was a great opportunity for our employees to break away from the daily work routine and spend time together outside of the work environment. It was a unique opportunity to strengthen our team and create space for better understanding and development of cooperation between colleagues.

We believe that this event was a successful step to strengthen team spirit and a harmonious working environment.

The event was part of the activities of the project “TRANSFORM – Strengthening the activity of EUROTOPIA.CZ, o.p.s.”, which was supported by the OSF Foundation as part of the Active Citizens Fund program, the aim of which is to support civil society and strengthen the capacities of non-profit organizations. The program is financed from the EEA and Norway Funds.”

The goal of this project is to strengthen the organization’s activities in the field of competences and readiness to work in an online environment.

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