Jsme tady pro lidi…


From November 1 to 14, an exhibition of children’s paintings on the theme “To the rhythm of čardáš” can be seen in the Prior department store in Krnov. The opening ceremony took place on Friday, November 4, with an opening from 3:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. The general public came to see the opening, for which a cultural program and light refreshments were also prepared.

After the opening, there was a dance performance by the girls from the NZDM Caravan, who rehearsed two dances for the occasion. The presenter subsequently introduced the public to Roma customs, but also to the čardáš dance itself and its traditional elements. After that, everyone present looked at the exhibited paintings, paused over the children’s individual works and talked about the interesting concept of the topic and the art technique that the children used. All the participants really liked the opening and were there amazed by the children’s individual works of art.

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