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Facing the digital era with courage thanks to the Active Citizens Fund

At the end of April, we finished the project “DIGI-IMPACT – Transformation of EUROTOPIA.CZ, o.p.s. in the field of digitalization”, which was supported by the OSF Foundation within the Active Citizens Fund programme and which was implemented from September 2023. 36 employees of the organisation were involved in the project.

The project focused on solving several key problems and challenges that hindered the effective functioning of EUROTOPIA.CZ, o.p.s. One of the main problems was the lack of digitalization and modernization of the working environment. The organisation had been using only free software, which did not always meet the needs of the staff. Furthermore, there was insufficient communication and coordination between the staff and external entities such as clients, donors and cooperating organisations. Last but not least, limited financial resources to acquire the necessary software to implement modern digital solutions and improve work efficiency. Therefore, the project focused on raising funds for the acquisition of appropriate software and subsequent training of staff, which led to increased work efficiency, improved quality of services and better communication within the organisation and externally.

Project activities:


Thanks to this project, it was possible to purchase and implement appropriate software, which significantly improved the efficiency of work and the quality of services provided.

The organisation acquired several key software tools for working with documents and creating visual content – Adobe Acrobat, Adobe Photoshop Elements and Adobe Premiere Elements, a tool for task planning and team collaboration – Freelo, a tool for remote control of computers enabling quick and efficient remote resolution of technical problems – TeamViewer, a product called Laws for People PLUS providing access to current and historical versions of legislation and monitoring of the legislative process.


To ensure effective use of the new software, a series of training sessions were organised – four sessions of two hours each designed to familiarise and acquire basic skills in using the Google Workspace platform for all staff, and a special training session of 12 hours in the use of the creative software Adobe Photoshop Elemets and Adobe Premiere Elements for a selected 5 staff members of the organisation. These training sessions ensured that staff were able to effectively use the new software and work in a digital environment.

A series of 7 instructional videos were created for new staff members to work in the Google Workspace environment.


The project also included an evaluation, which focused on obtaining the feedback from staff needed to validate the effectiveness of the solutions implemented into their practice. Questionnaires were used to collect feedback from the staff and their reflections on the training provided and the use of digital tools (in particular, working with data in the Google Workspace online working environment and the use of the extension software), which allowed to evaluate the impact of the project on their work. Based on this data, the effectiveness of the solution was analysed, the results obtained were interpreted and an implementation strategy was proposed to support the organisation’s digital transformation.

The project led to a significant increase in the efficiency of the organisation’s staff and contributed to their development and increase in their digital competences. We expect that the implemented solutions will in the long term be positively reflected in the improvement of the quality of services provided and the improvement of the cooperation of employees within the organization. Staff now have access to modern software tools that facilitate their daily work and enable better planning and task management.

Overall, the project has brought significant improvements in the area of digitalisation, which has positively impacted the organisation’s functioning and its ability to deliver quality services to clients, donors and collaborators.

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